Conversion-ready camper van kits: Wayfarer vans

I don’t know much about this outfit, but the concept is pretty neat – pre-packaged components to convert a Ram Promaster City into a campervan.

The kit consists of 4 parts: the floor, which includes attachment rails for other components; wall panels, which are padded and upholstered; boxes, which double as storage, seating, and as the bed platform; and a fold-down table.

Installation looks pretty simple, with everything pre-cut and perfectly sized for the van (their website says 25 minutes!). The wall panels use high-strength magnets, which is pretty brilliant. Boxes come pre-assembled.

Total cost is a little over $5000 once shipped.

Looks like a nice way to accomplish a simple conversion, that can be easily reversed when you need the van for other things.

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  1. Laura Wilson-Anderson says:

    The only problem with the setup is that no one with a pacemaker can get anywhere near the van!!

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