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Ceramic microbeads are amazing things – they’re tiny little glass balls, about the size of a hair’s-width. Mixed into paint, they create a thick coating that can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed onto your vehicle’s metal surfaces. The microbeads in the paint create a thermal and acoustic barrier, without wasting space – the recommended thickness is about that of a credit card. As these can be mixed into any type of paint, a water-based latex can be used to reduce toxicity.

Products such as Lizard Skin are marketed versions of this technology – there’s no indication that they contain any different technology. If you’re a sucker for brand names, or feel that the expensive pre-packaged goods must be better, go ahead and purchase from LS. Otherwise, you’ll save a few hundred dollars by mixing it yourself, or even by purchasing the pre-mixed paint from Hytek or elsewher

There’s a lot of discussion about this on the hotrodders.com forum:


The jury’s still out on the effectiveness of microbeads. There’s no doubt that they do help, but reports from people who have tried it seem to indicate only a small difference. In combination with other insulation types, though, microbeads might help create a very effective total insulation package. With its low cost (for the homemade version, at least) and relatively easy installation, there’s little harm in trying it, if you’re so inclined!

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